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So far there are two family trees of the VERNIMBs:
Family tree 1 established about 1935 by a godfather of my brother Kurt, and
Family tree 2 resulting from information provided by George Vernimb, Michael Vernimb, Werner Schlick and others.

My father presumed that our ancestors probably emigrated from the Netherlands to Mecklenburg and that they received, by a registrar, a b at the end of their name.

George said that his grandmother reported that the Vernimbs stem from two brothers who probably emigrated from the Netherlands to Mecklenburg.
According to Michael Vernimb's father Heinrich (Henry) the Vernimbs stem from Flanders. In the past a part of Flanders belonged to the Netherlands (Holland).

Dr. Werner Schlick, professor for germanistics in Australia, great-grandson of Joh. Joachim Peter Vernimb, born 1838, presumes that Vernimb was a proper name in Mecklenburg, meaning as much as clever, sensible.

The oldest member of Family Tree 1 is Jacob Friedrich Ludwig Vernimb, born approximately at 1745 in Gadebusch.
The oldest member of
Family Tree 2 is Joachim Friedrich Vernimb, born approximately at 1740 in Bülow near Rehna.
The parishes Gadebusch and Rehna (including Bülow) are neighbouring. There are grounds for the assumption that both of the oldest Vernimbs have common ancestors.

The parish registers of Gadebusch and Rehna were put on microfilm and can be looked at in an archive in Schwerin, Mecklenburg. They begin in 1621. The handwritten entries contain gaps for several years and can be read with difficulty only.

From the results of a first inspection of these archives and from searches organized by George Vernimb and Werner Schlick a Family Tree 4 was drafted which contains many gaps and uncertainties but might help in placing new "findings".