Ingeborg Vernimb



Ingeborg Vernimb was born in Hamburg, Germany, is married to a physicist, has two daughters, lives in summer in Belgium and in winter on Tenerife.
She wrote fairytales and poems which were broadcasted by Radio Austria and Norddeutscher Rundfunk.
She studied arts at the Ecole des Arts de la Commune d'Ixelles in Brussels.
She paints since more than 30 years in oil and, at last, in acryl.
Her paintings were exhibited in Hamburg, Brussels, Overijse, Villers-la-Ville und Tenerife.
Her sweeping and imaginative paintings in bright colours adhere to a unique and unmistakable style and convey a great cheerfulness.
In 2003 she created a "wall" of 14 x 2.80 meter and in 2005 a "wall" of 3 x 2.80 meter